Day 6: My name is Meral Sengul and I am TTNET’s newest intern. As a Dutch/Turk who has lived most of my life in the Netherlands, I hope to give you blog posts that connect Turkey, Turks, and the Netherlands.  For starters, lets talk about something everyone loves; social media. I would like to give you insight into the social media usuage of the Dutch and specifically Turkish people in the Netherlands.

First of all, 89.5% of the Dutch population (17 million people) has Internet access according to Internet World Stats and 53% of these Internet users are active on social media. Until 2011, the national social platform Hyves was the most popular social media website in the Netherlands, which is quite unique in Europe. However Facebook managed to overtake them this year to become the Netherlands’ top social media website with 6 million users. Facebook’s reach is currently 39.9% of the population of the Netherlands. With reach we refer to the percentage of internet users that are users of a particular social media. Similar to Avea in Turkey, Heineken is the biggest brand on Facebook in the Netherlands, connecting to 5.6 million users through Facebook.

Rather striking is the fact that the reach of Twitter (26.8%) and LinkedIn (26.1%) among the internet users is the highest in the Netherlands compared to the rest of the world. Even though the USA has by far the most Twitter members, the Dutch are much more active in terms of actual tweeting. Why Dutch activity on these media is so high remains a mystery. Culturally, Dutch people are very individualistic and usually keep more to themselves, but somehow they love to share and interact through digital platforms. In total Holland has 5.2 million registered Twitter accounts of which 1.3 million are said to be active.

LinkedIn is the 6th most popular website in the Netherlands and 2.8% of the total LinkedIn users are Dutch. Youtube still has the broadest reach in the Netherlands with 67%.

Of the 17 million living in the Netherlands 3.5 million are immigrants from 190 different nationalities and 400.000 of these immigrants are Turkish. Interestingly Turkish people in the Netherlands are the most active foreigners in cultivating media to match their home country and language through supporting Turkish television channels, newspapers, and digital media. Over the years many discussion platforms have been created for and by the Turkish population to discuss both Dutch and Turkish news such as, and Turkish people in the Netherlands also turn out to be the most active users of email and chatting in their native language.

For some people it might seem surprising that the Turkish population in the Netherlands is the most active with media celebrating their native home. I’m a half Turkish-half Dutch Netherlands resident who often visits Turkey, and from my own experience it’s not that surprising at all. All my Turkish relatives and friends in Holland are still very much in touch with ‘our motherland’ through every possible media. They all have Turkish TV, Turkish newspapers and some even participate in the Turkish online discussion platforms. Turkey will, even after generations of living in the Netherlands, always be in the hearts of Turkish people.

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